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× Server Management Monitoring & Support
Pricing Included S$ 80.00 / month
OS Installation Once Per Server Once Per Server
LAMP Installation On Demand On Demand
Server Monitoring Tools Installation Yes Yes
Server Network Monitoring Yes Yes
Server Health Monitoring Yes Yes
24/7 Monitoring Yes Yes
IP Health Status Monitoring Yes Yes
PRTG Network Report Yes Yes
RAID Monitoring Yes Yes
Server Load Monitoring Yes Yes
Reboot Request Unlimited  Unlimited
OS Hardening Yes Yes
Control Panel Hardening Yes Yes
Mod Security Setup - Yes
Operating System Diagnosis - Yes
System Service Diagnosis - Yes
Email Service Diagnosis - Yes
Custom Component Installation - Yes
Offsite Backup 50GB - Yes
Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Virtual Private ServerRaid 10 Storage · vCPU · Dedicated RAM · Guaranteed Bandwidth · IPv4

Specifications VPS50 VPS60 VPS70 VPS80 VPS200 VPS300
Storage 50 GB
60 GB
70 GB
80 GB
200 GB
300 GB
Processor 2 vCPUs 3 vCPUs 3 vCPUs 4 vCPUs 4 vCPUs 4 vCPUs
Memory 768MB
Dedicated RAM
Dedicated RAM
Dedicated RAM
Dedicated RAM
Dedicated RAM
Dedicated RAM
Bandwidth 10Mbps 10Mbps 10Mbps 10Mbps 10Mbps 10Mbps
IP Address 1 × IPv4 1 × IPv4 1 × IPv4 1 × IPv4 1 × IPv4 1 × IPv4
Pricing VPS50 VPS60 VPS70 VPS80 VPS200 VPS300
Paid annually S$ 22.00
per month
S$ 30.00
per month
S$ 42.00
per month
S$ 54.00
per month
S$ 64.00
per month
S$ 104.00
per month
Paid semi-annually S$ 24.00
per month
S$ 32.00
per month
S$ 44.00
per month
S$ 56.00
per month
S$ 72.00
per month
S$ 112.00
per month
Paid quaterly S$ 26.00
per month
S$ 34.00
per month
S$ 46.00
per month
S$ 58.00
per month
S$ 76.00
per month
S$ 116.00
per month
Paid monthly S$ 28.00
per month
S$ 36.00
per month
S$ 48.00
per month
S$ 60.00
per month
S$ 80.00
per month
S$ 120.00
per month
  Order Order Order Order Order Order

* NIC Card : Ethernet 100Mbps port
* Monthly Data Transfer : Unmetered
* No contract or minimum lease time required
* Monthly server fee is non-refundable
* 30 days cancellation notice in advance


Data Center Facility

  • 24×7 Network Monitoring
  • World Class Facility
  • Raised Flooring
  • HVAC Temporature Control System
  • Secure 24×7 Facility
  • Smoke Detection System
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Video Camera Surveillance
  • State-of-the-art Cisco Power Routers
  • 1Gbps BGP Network
  • Direct Peering with 4 Upstream Providers
  • Standby UPS System
  • Backup Generator Set
  • 1st Level Support - Onsite Reboot
  • 99.9% Network Uptime Guaranteed
Technology Over IPTechnology
Over IP
We are bringing more convenience to our customers, with our IPMI and Reboot Over IP Technology.

Customers won't have to wait for longer server reboot time anymore.
Data Center LocationData Center Location
All our servers are located at these world class facilities.

- CX2 Data Center, Cyberjaya
- AIMS Data Center, Kuala Lumpur
Customer Care SupportCustomer
Care Support
We're here to assist you with any enquiries about our services. Feel free to drop us an email or call our customer care support.

Call us : +607 - 288 1230
Email us : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enhance Your Server

Value Added Services

Upgrade Options
Additional 1Mbps Guaranteed Bandwidth S$ 80.00 /month
DirectAdmin Control Panel (Linux Only) S$ 8.00 /month
DirectAdmin + Softaculous (Linux Only) S$ 10.00 /month
DirectAdmin + Installatron (Linux Only) S$ 12.00 /month
CPanel Control Panel (Linux Only) S$ 26.00 /month
CPanel + Softaculous (Linux Only) S$ 28.00 /month
CPanel + Installatron (Linux Only) S$ 30.00 /month
Plesk (Windows Only) S$ 72.00 /month
2 IP Addresses * S$ 48.00 /year
Technical Assistance Charges S$ 32.00 /hour
Server Management Monitoring & Support : Gold S$ 80.00 /month
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